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198. Shelter
When the truck could go no further, we were dropped off. The driver quickly tightened all loose bolts before turning around, trying to get back before dark. We picked up our backpacks and started walking. After half an hour, we came to a small waterfall. At the same time it started to rain and it was just minutes until it would be dark. The final chock hit us when the guides asked us to put up our tents. Now, the panic was near, since we didn't have any tents! Why didn't we stay in the village until the next morning, we asked ourselves.
    Luckily, our guides were more calm and used to the elements of nature. Within minutes they hade built a nice (!) shelter that kept us dry, and when the rain stopped after a couple hours it took only a few minutes before they had made a fire besides an old tree-trunk. Amazing!
© 2001-2002  Photo Nicklas Nordborg  Text and sound Nicklas Nordborg