Borneo 2001
- an adventure in text, images and sound.

Please come in! Sit back in a comfortable chair and relax.
Enjoy the images and listen to the sounds of Borneo! We hope you will like it as much as we did when we were there. Beware of the leeches though. There might be one under your chair!

I. Brunei
Darussalam, July 22 - 24 Prayer time
We had just arrived to Brunei when the first "disaster" happened. One of our backpacks was missing! It was a nervous first night before we got to know that it had arrived on a later flight. We had to stay one extra day in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei's capital, to wait for the bag. Looking back, it was not a bad thing. Brunei was a friendly, relaxed country and we enjoyed our stay very much.

II. Miri and around, July 24-28 Lambir Hill jungle sounds
We left Brunei by bus, going southwards along the coast to Miri in Malaysia. Miri was a lot busier place than Brunei and suddenly we had to worry about cars on the streets again; the pavements were just too full with things from the shops. We stayed only one night in Miri before continuing south to the small but comfortable Lambir Hills National Park, and the day after that to the big and spectacular Niah Caves.

III. Kelabit
Highlands, July 28-aug 6 Gibbon monkeys singing
We returned to Miri for one more night before taking a Twin Otter aircraft to Long Banga in the outskirts of the Kelabit Highlands. Here we arranged two guides to take us to Bario, 60 kilometres to the north. At first, the trek took us along an abandoned logging road, and later on a muddy rainforest track between longhouse villages. It was wonderful scenery and wonderful people everywhere!

IV. Dive safari, August 6-12 Waves of the sea
From Bario we flew back to Miri and then on to Kota Kinabalu and Tawau, where a person from a dive safari agency picked us up. After staying a night in Semporna, we boarded a boat for a three-day journey to paradise. Our best memories are from the famous Sipadan island. Although a bit crowded and a visibility that suffered from a recent storm the diving was great, with lots of fish and green giant turtles.

V. Additional information
     Maps of Borneo
     Photography and recording equipment used

Thank you for joining us on the trip. We welcome you back again. Anytime.

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