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259. Strong Currents
A vast grass plain appeared. M'Bayua was the largest place we had seen since Kerema, with houses widely spread and in the middle a school with a large sign celebrating the upcoming anniversary. The guesthouse had the most luxurious toilet we had seen so far on this trip - a newly built tree hut in European style built around the ground hole. In the village, there were many people trying to get a glimpse of us foreigners. Some of the locals had brought food to sell.

In the evening, we told stories about Sweden and our hosts told their stories and showed some old ceremonial clothing with long, colourful bird feathers. Unfortunately M'Bayua is a fairly modern village and not much of the old culture remains.

Early next day we paid the bill and continued our journey. Tightly wrapped in plastic the satellite phone would hopefully survive any sudden river on the way.

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Photo Nicklas Nordborg
Text Peter Waller and Thomas Nilsson