Papua New Guinea 1999
- an expedition to the Land of the Unexpected
This is the story of our adventure in the Land of the Unexpected, Papua New Guinea. We started to read about the country more than one year before the journey. Nicklas and Peter studied tropical medicine for the famous professor Stig Cronberg. Thomas studied the language Melanesian Pidgin. Anders checked medications and procedures.

Not knowing what to expect, we were very careful to bring high quality equipment including items necessary to handle emergency situations. We had a rough plan to trek between Kerema and Menyamya, but as expected or unexpected we ended up somewhere else. This journey was accomplished with the help of many individuals. With this we would like to express our gratitude to everyone for his or her care and assistance. A special thanks to Jack Karukuru, with whom it all began...

I. Arriving
in Port Moresby, July 1 - 3
About our trip from Sweden to Papua New Guinea and the first meeting with Jack in Port Moresby and how he arranged a transport along to coast to Miaru village.

II. Miaru, July 3 - 5
About our stay at Patrick's place and the great hospitality of the people in Miaru and how we met John who would become our guide for the rest of the trip.

III. Into
the jungle, July 5 - 7
About our preparations in Kerema before entering the rainforest and our first days on the trek.

IV. Between the mountains, July 7 - 11
About our continuing journey further into the mountains of Papua New Guinea and our feeling the despair when we realise that it much harder than we thought and how we met Timo in the middle of nowhere (really!).

Upland, July 11 - 16
About how we finally reach more inhabited regions where the trek continues along a small road with villages dotted here and there. Also about the heavy rain that makes it hard to get food and how we finally reach Kotidanga and get to taste a cracker for the first time in nearly fourteen days.

VI. Showtime, July 17
About our unplanned stay in Kotidanga and how the people in the village arranged a state-of-the-art performance with several plays and a sing-sing and how we as a return of the favour shows the traditional swedish midsummer dance, "Små grodorna".

Kanabea, July 18 - 20
About our stay in Kanabea and how Peter fixed the power generator while we were trapped by the mist and how we "hijacked" a plane to take us to Lae.

VIII. Relaxing, July 20 - 26
About our meeting with Frida in Lae and an urgent visit to the hospital and about our snorkelling and dive vacation at Beautiful Madang.

IX. Returning
home, July 27 - 28
About our final stay in Port Moresby before going back home and our second meeting with Jack and a birthday party with a strawberry cake.

X. Additional information
    • Maps of Papua New Guinea

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