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Arriving in Port Moresby
1. Cleared
We have spent most of the day packing and are now finally ready. From left to right: Peter, Thomas, Nicklas and Anders. (Nicklas' place, Lund)
4. Legionnaire
Fully equipped and eager to go, Peter tightens his backpack. We had been planning the trip for more than a year and finally we are leaving... (Nicklas' place, Lund)
520. Kerosene Check
We arrived early at the terminal, as early as needed for getting the security guard's special attention. He wanted to check for remaining kerosene in our stoves. After some discussion, we were allowed to enter. From left to right: Dimi, Nicklas, Kajsa, Thomas, Peter, Gerda and Anders. (Malmoe, Sweden)
7. Map Quest
Having found the maps we are trying to locate a nice, cool hotel. It is very hot, approx. 46 degrees Celsius, and considering that it is our first day in PNG we are already out of water, we ask ourselves - how will this end? (Waigani, Port Moresby)
8. Jack, our Friend
Still tired and hot after our walk, we meet Jack at the hotel. Peter discusses our continued trip with Jack who has a large PNG knowledge and an enormous network of friends and relatives willing to help. (Lamana Motel, Port Moresby)
12. Swiss Car
Taking off from Port Moresby. Jack uses one of his many cars to take us to the PMV stop. (Lamana Motel parking, Port Moresby)
16. Public Motor Vehicle
Going by PMV is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to travel in PNG and the bus was crowded with people. (Waigani drive, Port Moresby)
17. Loading
We put our backpacks on the roof, it would have been impossible to squeeze them in on the bus floor already completely covered by feet and children, as well as sacks with rice, salt and flour. (Waigani drive, Port Moresby)
18. Half Way Break
One of Jack's nephews owns the PMV. He is one of the fastest drivers in the Central Province, overtaking every car in sight. Our fellow passengers turned out to be very nice and loquacious and we enjoyed our bumpy ride. (Half way to Iokea, Central Province)
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