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266. Dense Forest
The rain kept coming through the large leaves. Thomas's backpack soaked up everything and its weight nearly doubled (if not tripled!). We got strange GPS map positions. They did not correspond with the actual surroundings. Maybe the GPS device could not handle the moisture? Later on we found out that the map was old and incorrect.

Remembering previous experiences - we insisted on walking around the mountains instead of taking shortcuts. In the sharp bends of the path, there were often tree trunks placed over crevices carved by mountain rainwater. The tree trunks were often extremely slippery so usually it was best to step down into the crevice.

We walked really fast in the rain hoping that soon we would reach Ivandu. After walking all day we reached the Meparo village where we stopped for the night.

© 1999-2002  Photo Nicklas Nordborg  Text Peter Waller and Thomas Nilsson