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442. Casual Mess
When flying in over Lae, we could, for the first time, see large plantations. They were mostly olive trees. We took the bus from the airport into town. Now, when we had reached Lae, John was leaving to stay with Jack's sister.

Jack had told us that a Swedish woman in Lae wanted to meet us. Nicklas called Frida, as she is called, from the hotel and we made lunch plans.

At lunch, we told Frida and her friend Spirou of our experiences and we were invited to stay at their place while staying in Lae. It felt good to clean up and to take a shower. When Frida and Spirou got home, we ate and continued our conversation. (Lae, Morobe Province)

In the evening, Thomas was freezing even though it was warm and his fingers sort of burned. He had to be taken to hospital. We feared malaria as he had been bitten several times by mosquitoes. It was blood poisoning caused by a tropical ulcer, an infected wound. The doctor, who by the way owns a blue Volvo, prescribed antibiotics in the shape of red "strawberry"-pills. The treatment quickly cured the illness.

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